Well it seems like an age ago that I was excited to see lots of people out and about at our Summer Fair.  Since then I have been so busy working on lots of other projects, and the main theme seemed to be chairs.  Oh and I did have a couple of weeks off to visit Yorkshire and watch a little cricket.

But now Autumn has rocked around and once more you will find Muswell Hill Creatives and guests in the heart of Muswell Hill.  As usual we will be on St James’ Square outside Planet Organic and the Everyman Cinema.  Come along on Saturday 25th September and you will find us putting up the stalls from early on, and trading from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.  Don’t miss this chance to come along, chat and even pick up some fabulous crafts from local designer makers.

The members who will be present are myself; Queenie Organics; Hilary Sketches; Isabee; Ceramic Justice; By Cecil; Papershades; Night Press; Wyckoff Smith Jewellery; and Crouch End Candles.

And our guests stallholders this month are Elvira Van Vredenburgh Designs; Lord and Taft; Woodsmith Works; Nina Nou; Luna Moth Jewellery; Sobu Handmade; Jess Albert; Romor Designs; Becca Cadbury Design; Bailey & Free; and Heti’s Colours.  More info on the Muswell Hill Creatives website.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics that show some of what I have been doing in the last few weeks.  Hopefully you have picked up that the McGuire Chairs in the photo are before and after versions, while the super bamboo framed chairs have given me plenty of practice at fitting buckles.  And I have still more chair projects in the wings.

McGuire Directors Chairs

Bamboo and Leather Chairs