All bridlework items are custom made to order, and quotes are specific to the buyers’ requirements. This allows for great flexibility in choices of leather and fittings, and most importantly ensures that items are the best fit for your horse or pony.

The prices listed below are a general guide to the starting price for each item

  • Plain Snaffle Bridle with Noseband £200
  • Plain Reins £50
  • Laced Reins £70
  • Plaited Reins £90
  • Raised Browband £50
  • Show Double Bridle, raised Browband and Noseband, Plain Curb and Laced Bradoon Reins £400
  • Stable Headcollar £250
  • Yearling Headcollar £200
  • Running Martingale £100
  • Stirrup Leathers £80

please complete an enquiry form and I will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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