Christmas shopping in 2020 has raised many new issues for buying gifts for loved ones.

If you are a last minute merchant, you may still be okay, but those who like to plan and enjoy a protracted period of gift shopping have been severely hampered this year.

Now that markets will be able to restart in most areas, I hope to do one or two before Christmas, but pressure for stalls is intense, and the situation is still likely to change at short notice.  Take a look at my Markets Updates post to check out the latest news.

This year, like many other makers I have had to move my focus online from in person sales at markets and from the studio.  So you may have seen me pop up in several other online markets.  Given I went into saddlery to get away from the computer, it is something I haven’t been overjoyed about.  That said I have been thankful just to be in a position to do any work at all.  And the BBC show “The Repair Shop”  – it seems to have encouraged a steady stream of repair jobs landing on my work bench.

Don’t despair, there are still some ways you can give a fabulous Steph Rubbo Saddlery hand crafted leather gift for Christmas.

In person – you might catch me at a market, and when lockdown has ended on 2 December, visitors will be able to come to my studio.  There will be the required Covid Precautions in place, masks, hand sanitiser etc, please call to ensure I will be free when you get here

Online – my order book on bespoke orders will stay open for accessories until 6 December.  Sadly I can’t guarantee delivery of bags for Christmas unless it is 2021.

Phone or Email – Items from stock will be available up until the Royal Mail cutoff for delivery, usually a few days before Christmas.  Stock items are a  phone call or email away.  If you have an idea of what you would like, I am happy to talk through the stock on hand, and send pictures or video of the items prior to purchase.

Gift vouchers – available through the website so they are only an email away!   This way you are no only giving a fabulous handcrafted leather item, you are giving the recipient a design experience as they have select the leather, style and fittings to create a truly unique item made to their request.