English Bridle Leather Belts

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Personalisation free for under four characters, £10 for more than four characters. Variations in colour can occur between batches of leather. Screen set up can affect colour so if colour match is important please request a sample. Items are made to order, delivery time for belts is 2 – 3 weeks.


Making Notes

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Designing your own belt is easy, select the leather, buckle style and thread, and add free personalisation if under four characters, £10 for more than four characters.  The width of the belt is determined by the buckle chosen, as the leather is tailor cut to match the buckle.  Variations in colour can occur between batches of leather. Screen set up can affect colour so if colour match is important please request a sample. Items are made to order, delivery time for belts 2 – 3 weeks.

Belts are made in English Bridle leather as standard, but other leathers are available on request.

The product images shown are examples only and give an idea of options.  A laced option is available at additional cost.

If you require any options not included in the drop down, please include the request in the personalisation/notes section.  All items are hand made to order, so I can be flexible in the sizing, details etc, just had to limit the options for the website.  Individual specifications are confirmed with the customer prior to making.

Size Guide


Xsmall: 23-27 Inches / 59-69 cm
Small: 27-31 Inches / 69-79 cm
Medium: 31-35 Inches / 79-89 cm
Large: 35-39 Inches / 89-99 cm
XLarge: 39-43 Inches / 99-109 cm
XXLarge: 43-47 Inches / 109-119 cm


The belt width is determined by the buckle choice. The belt is made up to fit the inside dimensions of the buckle.  Standard buckles are as follows:

  1. Brass Double Raised Keep 40mm
  2. Brass Single Sport 25, 30 or 35mm
  3. Nickel Single Sport 25, 30 or 35mm
  4. Nickel Single Metro 25, 30 or 35mm
  5. Brass Single Metro 25, 30 or 35mm
  6. Nickel Double Raised Keep 40mm

All standard buckles are solid brass, and may be nickel plated.  Other buckle styles and widths are available on request.

Jeans belts are typically 35 – 40 mm wide, and dress belts a little narrower at 25 – 35 mm wide

Top tips for measuring your belt size

  • The size of a belt you wear is not the same as your waist band size.
  • The cut of the trousers will affect where the belt sits so your measurement will differ depending on the pair of trousers/jeans that you wear your belt with.
  • Belt length is influenced by the choice of buckle – some buckles are longer than others
  • The width of the belt can also affect the way it fits
The most accurate ways to measure for a belt
  • the best fit is achieved by taking the measurement from a belt that fits into the trousers you intend to wear it with.
  • take a look at an existing belt, if only one hole is marked from use,
  • measure from the hole to inside the top of the buckle.

or if there are several marks on the belt

  • wearing your trousers you need to put the belt through all the belt loops,
  • buckle it up on the most comfortable hole.
  • note the hole which is used.
  • remove the belt from the trousers and lay it out flat.
  • measure from the hole you noted to just inside the top of the buckle.
Second best way to measure
  • if a suitable belt isn’t to hand,
  • run a tape measure through all the belt loops of a pair of trousers when wearing them.
  • pull the tape to a firm but comfortable tension,
  • then note the length – inches or centimetres
  • double check the measurement to avoid rookie errors

Rookie errors to avoid when taking measurements with a tape measure, these will give an inaccurate length

  • not putting the belt/tape through all the belt loops
  • reading the tape measure from the wrong end
  • mixing up metric and imperial units


Additional information

Size - Length

XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

Leather Colour

Black, Dark Havana, Australian Nut, Conker, Hazel, London Tan, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Red


1 – Brass Double Raised Keep, 2 – Brass Single Sport, 3 – Nickel Single Sport, 4 – Nickel Single Metro, 5 – Brass Single Metro, 6 – Nickel Double Raised Keep

Thread Colour

Matching, White, Natural, Sahara, Yellow, Orange, Red, Forest Red, Red Claret, Green, Dark Green, Canard (Duck Egg), Blue, Light Brown, Brown, Black


None, To Four Characters, Over Four Characters

Estimated Production Time

Dog Collars
Dog Leads
Card Slip Cases
Folded Card Cases
Luggage Tags
Watch Straps

Are all 14-21 days

Box Bags
Messenger Bags

Are all 4-6 Weeks

5 reviews for English Bridle Leather Belts

  1. John

    I had an old belt that I loved the buckle on, but the leather was stretched and in poor condition. Steph made me a new belt using the old buckle. The new belt is lovely, and much loved.

  2. Robbie

    I was looking for a much narrower belt than those usually available in the shops. Steph made me a lovely belt in 5/8 inch wide brown bridle leather. Just what I wanted

  3. Vaughan

    Gave him the (laced) belt today and he LOVED it – called it ‘Brilliant’. … – he can be very fussy.

  4. Adam

    I’m really enjoying wearing my new belt: classy classic

  5. Guy H

    Steph made me a wonderful belt and went above and beyond to accommodate an alteration request. I would highly recommend her work, and her customer service!

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