Laminated Leather Doorstop


Each of these doorstops are truly unique after being made from offcuts I have from making English Bridle leather belts or bags.

Leather offcuts are glued together using a strong glue to form a laminate, and then skived by hand to shape the doorstop.


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The inspiration for these products came about after a visit to Plywood Exhibitiion at the V&A museum. It was a great solution to what to do with offcuts from all the belts I make.

Offcuts from making my English Bridle leather belts are glued together using a strong contact adhesive, creating a laminated effect.  Each end is then hand skived to create the angle of the door stop.

As they are made up from offcuts, and hand cut, each of the doorstops is truly unique, as it depends on what scraps I have on hand to make up a batch.  Even if I cut two items from the same piece of laminated leather, because of the grain in the leather and the fact they are cut by hand results in differences.